I needed to sell my parents condo in Laguna Woods after they passed on. My Father, a retired Real Estate agent in Laguna Woods, advised me to contact Keli, and to “Do whatever she recommends because she is totally professional and experienced.” So I did. Everything I needed during the preparation for sale, Keli was my resource, go-to person.

I needed to have the carpet replaced and the inside repainted. I live 5 hours drive away and didn’t know who to contact, but Keli does! She made the connections, ran the bids by me, as she did every step of the way. I got great work with reasonable prices. Before the condo could be painted and carpeted, I needed all the contents removed. My family had taken out a few things we wanted, but most objects, furniture, etc.,were not needed. Again, Keli came to my aid and knew someone who would come and clear everything out at no cost to the estate. Amazing!

When all was ready to sell, Keli set up the listing on the web, and a buyer showed up quickly. Cash offer and 30-day Escrow! Perfect!

My deepest gratitude to Keli McCall for all that she does for her clients.

Susan Yourstone Berry

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