We as a family needed to sell my fathers condo in Laguna Woods as he moved out of state to live with his children. My father, who had used Keli when he purchased the condo, advised me to contact her as he had a very positive experience when he purchased the condo orignally. I am very glad that I did as she was an excellent resource and go-to person.

Keli made many recommendeds for us to update and upgrade the condo unit for the sale. Her recommendations were thoughtful, insightful and extremely helpful. If we didn’t have her help we wouldn’t have been able to sell the condo as quickly as quickly as we did. Keli was very helpful and diplomatic when dealing with several children with their thoughts and concerns for our fathers condo, as well as keeping us all on task.

When all was ready to sell, Keli set up the listings, and a buyer showed up quickly. It was fantastic.

My deepest gratitutude to Keli McCall for all that she did for my family and for all of her clients.

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