Fabia Barsic

Keli McCall is the ultimate real estate professional and we would use only Keli if we had to buy or sell any property in Orange County again.

She is everything you should expect in a broker/agent to represent a buyer or seller. She did an excellent job in getting the best property for my father-in-law in a super-aggressive seller’s market in Laguna Woods Village. Keli was able able to close the deal with the seller’s agent, ahead of 9 other competitive offers. She will fight fairly and squarely and firmly for your benefits and your rights. Not only did she get the popular condo for us, she also worked closely with the escrow company and the HOA of Laguna Woods Village to make sure the transaction went as smoothly as possible. She also handled the HOA’s bureaucratic / unjust requests proficiently and with great passion, as if we were her own family. Needless to say she secured a favorable decision on our behalf for our purchase.

Furthermore, Keli found this property for us BEFORE it was even listed, after just one day of visiting properties with her. She understood exactly what my father-in-law was looking for, and she was the first agent to bring a client to the property which we ended up winning!

I’ve dealt with real estate purchases and sales for 20 years. In that time I’ve come across only a few highly competent real estate agents. Keli is only 1 of 2 broker/agents I’ve have ever encountered in these 20 years who has exceeded my expectations.

I can’t say enough great things about Keli. She is one of a kind.

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