Dear PMC Realty and Marketing, Inc.:
Keli McCall was in your office after I read your centerfold ad in the Globe newspaper in Laguna Woods and saw that your office was near by.
I told her all of the necessities I needed here in Laguna Woods.
Soon after, Keli drove to my Mother’s condo in Laguna Woods and got me because I told her I could not drive due to a medical condition.
The second place she showed me was one I had seen four months earlier and never dreamed was still available because the person listing it never contacted me again. When I explained to Keli that the condo was not near the street so I would have to walk a long way to catch a bus, she showed me a different path I could take to get to where all 12 buses leave from every hour on the hour that was about two hundred feet from the door of this place. I knew I had to have it, but I was going through a divorce and could not purchase it until after January 12, 2015 when the divorce would be final.
Because of the divorce, many additional calls had to be made and in order to sign all the paperwork, she had to come by my home many times since I could not drive and she did all of this extra work happily.
She even took me to the new condo a week before it was mine so a carpet man could come and show me samples so I could have new carpet laid before I moved in.
The day I bought the condo, she took me to my bank so we could complete the transaction and I was ready to move in a week later on moving day. Thank you so much for all of your extra help and for getting me the house for a fair price.
Donna Avery

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