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Buyer • Laguna Woods CA
‟Dear PMC Realty and Marketing, Inc.: Keli McCall was in your office after I read your centerfold ad in the Globe newspaper in Laguna Woods and saw that your office was near by. I told her all of the necessities I needed here in Laguna Woods. Soon after, Keli drove to my Mother's condo in Laguna Woods and got me because I told her I could not drive due to a medical condition. The second place she showed me was one I had seen four months earlier and never dreamed was still available because the person listing it never contacted me again. When I explained to Keli that the condo was not near the street so I would have to walk a long way to catch a bus, she showed me a different path I could take to get to where all 12 buses leave from every hour on the hour that was about two hundred feet from the door of this place. I knew I had to have it, but I was going through a divorce and could not purchase it until after January 12, 2015 when the divorce would be final. Because of the divorce, many additional calls had to be made and in order to sign all the paperwork, she had to come by my home many times since I could not drive and she did all of this extra work happily. She even took me to the new condo a week before it was mine so a carpet man could come and show me samples so I could have new carpet laid before I moved in. The day I bought the condo, she took me to my bank so we could complete the transaction and I was ready to move in a week later on moving day. Thank you so much for all of your extra help and for getting me the house for a fair price. Sincerely, Donna Avery” Read More ▾

victor menayan

Buyer • Laguna Woods CA
‟My wife and I worked with Keli and her partner Peter to buy our house in Laguna Woods. From the very beginning we learned that Keli and Peter were very knowledgable of Laguna Woods real estate and they were superb in helping us find the right house and negotiate the sales terms. Perhaps, more importantly, their after sales support was totally unexpected on our part. We have owned over two dozen homes and have never experienced such extraordinary guidance, support and after sales help. We are very grateful to them for all they did on our behalf. Keli and Peter are the best!” Read More ▾


Seller • Laguna Woods CA
‟We as a family needed to sell my fathers condo in Laguna Woods as he moved out of state to live with his children. My father, who had used Keli when he purchased the condo, advised me to contact her as he had a very positive experience when he purchased the condo orignally. I am very glad that I did as she was an excellent resource and go-to person. Keli made many recommendeds for us to update and upgrade the condo unit for the sale. Her recommendations were thoughtful, insightful and extremely helpful. If we didn't have her help we wouldn't have been able to sell the condo as quickly as quickly as we did. Keli was very helpful and diplomatic when dealing with several children with their thoughts and concerns for our fathers condo, as well as keeping us all on task. When all was ready to sell, Keli set up the listings, and a buyer showed up quickly. It was fantastic.My deepest gratitutude to Keli McCall for all that she did for my family and for all of her clients.” Read More ▾


Seller • Laguna Woods CA
‟Keli was the first and only agent I contacted. After our initial conversation, I knew she was the perfect listing agent for our Laguna Woods property. She’s experienced and professional, yet she’s warm and always available. Our property sold quickly and for above asking. Selling a home could have been stressful, but Keli made the entire experience a breeze and truly enjoyable.” Read More ▾


Buyer • Laguna Woods CA
‟Keli was recommended by a friend and resident of Laguna Woods. We knew we wanted to be in LW but had no idea which area would be best for us. Keli showed us units in many neighborhoods using our list of needs, she really knows every street and many people that live there, a huge complex. She really understands the market. After we decided on a condo she suggested a price to offer. We got the deal for less than listed plus several good options. If a senior is interested in a retirement community, we recommend Keli for her patient and friendly manner.” Read More ▾

Eric GSchwartz

Seller • Mission Viejo CA
‟Very good service. The offer was received before the listing actually started and the sale went through in one month, even with all the property problems.”


Buyer • Laguna Woods CA
‟Keli reviewed what I was looking for and quickly arranged showings of some candidate properties. One of the candidates fit my requirements and exceeded my expectations. From that point, she handled the whole process and went out of her way to providing and escorting my whole family to see my future home. She was unstinting in providing her time and experience to the selection, acquisition and closing of the property.” Read More ▾

Blaine Decker

Seller • Laguna Woods CA
‟Keli sold our 2 bedroom Condo in less than 30 days for 98% of our asking price which was more than I thought we would get based on other sales of comparable properties. She is a stone cold pro. Naturally likeable, energetic, strong sales skills, an excellent negotiator, highly responsive and the most knowledgeable real estate agent I interviewed about the sometimes challenging aspects of dealing with the Laguna Woods Association during Covid lockdown. There wasn't a question I asked that she didn't know the answer to. She doesn't let anything get in the way of making the sale. There's a reason she's closed so many properties in Laguna Woods Village. I interviewed 3 top rated Zillow real estate agents before selecting Keli. None of the others even came close. She exceeded all expectations.” Read More ▾


Seller • Laguna Woods CA
‟Couldn't be happier with our decision to have Keli list and sell a unit we inherited in Laguna Woods Village. We are out of state and Keli handled everything. We had a couple of issues pop up and Keli always had the best solutions. Keli listed our unit for more than we thought we could get and sold it at full asking price. Three months after the sale I needed comps for tax purposes. I called Keli and within minutes she sent me the information that I needed. You can still count on Keli after the sale. Do yourself a favor and call Keli McCall for all your real estate needs. You'll be happy you did. Thank you Keli for everything.” Read More ▾


Buyer • Laguna Woods CA
‟I'd come to know Keli from renting a unit from her in Laguna Woods. We we're immediately impressed with her knowledge of the area and the process. When it came time for us to buy, we reached out to her and she didn't disappoint. She is really plugged into the real estate landscape and is an expert. She was able to get us a wonderful place that matched our exact requirements. She was always reachable and responsive and we would highly recommend her.” Read More ▾


Seller • Laguna Woods CA
‟Keli was an excellent partner in getting our home sold within Laguna Woods. Our property was not an easy sale because it was underwater with it's loan. Keli worked my lending bank would accept on a short sale basis. This required many open houses as well as Keli actively pursuing every lead and interested party. The Short Sale process is long, cumbersome and beyond frustrating; however, Keli's tenacity working with the bank and her high level knowledge of Laguna Woods rules and regulations ended in a successful short sale. The real estate market within Laguna Woods can be challenging and it takes a knowledgeable realtor to realistically prices homes for sale and find "qualitied" buyers, Keli earns high marks in these areas and I would highly recommend her to a friend.” Read More ▾


Seller • Laguna Woods CA
‟Keli was great to work with and provided a weekly on the status of the sale of my property. Within a month she presented me with an offer from a qualitied buyer. Whenever I had questions she was quick to respond. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to purchase or sell your home.”

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