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Throughout the Sun City Grand community, luxurious homes fill the area as over 17,000 residents delight in their resort-style community. Primarily for occupants of age 55 and over (purchasers of age 45-54 may own and occupy a home, and may comprise 15% of home ownership), there are approximately 9500 single-family, one-story Southwest homes ranging in size from 1096 to 3388 square feet. Each stunning home has a cohesive style, maintained by our Standards Department, that provides our community with a unique appearance, suited for our residents’ Grand expectations. Becoming an owner or renter of one of our marvelous homes will leave you feeling like you won the “no-bell” prize!


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Population by Age Level. Median Age 75.84. Households: 8,110.

In Thousand of Dollars. (Median Income: $58,886)

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